Unable to create payment pans with Marketpress

Is there any way to create payment plans for products in Marketpress? I want to create a coaching product so that clients can either choose to pay a single price up front, or pay in 3 installments. If not, what would be the most economical way to do this with another ecommerce plugin? I use both paypal and stripe.

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hi Amanda,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The MarketPress plugin doesn't support that kind of payment. However, I think our other plugin may be a solution here: Membership 2 Pro.

    Iit's a plugin that lets you build "subscription based membership site" but it can also handle "one time" access fees. So, I imagine a scenario like this:

    - you create your product (assuming it's not a physical product) so it's available from some page or post on your site (or even entire set of posts/pages)
    - you create two memberships where one is a "one time" payment membership and the other one is a "recurring payment" membership set to charge e.g. 3 monthly payments.
    - then you use both these memberships at the same time to protect your product's posts/pages

    This way a client visiting your product would be asked to become a member to get access to it and would have a choice of 'one time upfront payment' or 3 monthly payments (upfront for each month).

    The plugin supports both PayPal and Stripe. Here you'll find more information about it:

    Best regards,

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