Unable to extract manifest

I'm trying to restore a full backup, which throws the following error on the log -
[Warning] Unable to extract manifest


    Hi, can you please tell me how is going with the resolution of this issue because i only have 2 databases backup and it keeps only 2 databases daily which is going to be unavailable from today, i tried to download a copy of the database i want to restore and started downloading yesterday and still downloading with the ETA of 9h and 42 minuts from a file size of 248mb.

    Can you please take a look on this because the only database i have to restore is going to be unavailable today.

    Thank you


    Hey there Pedro,

    hope you're doing good today!

    This could be an issue due to the load of WP itself. Could you please try to download the full-backup file and the snapshot-installer file from your Hub page here?

    Then try to create a new folder in your server, for example domain.com/folder/, and upload the full backup zip file as well as the extracted snapshot-installer.php file in there.
    Open your browser after doing so and navigate to domain.com/folder/snapshot-installer.php and the installation wizard should come up.
    Please keep in mind that you will also need some database credentials, in where the backuped data will be restored. Better creating a new one, just to test the restoration process, before trying to restore to main site instead (that's why I also proposed to use a folder to test this).

    Hope that makes sense, let us know about your results and if further assistance is required on this.
    Take care,