Unable to get clear all issues from Defender's Hardener

The Hardener tool is indicating that I have 2 outstanding issues. One is regarding security salts and the other is regarding pingbacks. I've addressed both of these issues, but the warnings remain. I prefer not to click to "ignore" them, but also don't have time to dig into the Defender code and find where I'm off the path.

I've done the following for the pingbacks issue:
- turned off pingbacks, trackbacks, and comments in WP admin
- removed pingback response headers
- closed down all pingability attached to previously created posts (via phpMyAdmin)
- removed _pingback entries from post meta table in database
- removed a pingback <link> from header.php of my theme
- additionally, I've tried the following 2 filters in a plugin

add_filter('xmlrpc_methods', 'myprefix_remove_xmlrpc');
function myprefix_remove_xmlrpc($methods) {
   return $methods;

add_filter('wp_headers', 'myprefix_remove_pingback_header');
function myprefix_remove_pingback_header($headers) {
   return $headers;

What can I possibly have missed?!

As for the security salts issue...my salts were only about 2 weeks old, but I had Defender refresh them anyway and set the renewal interval for . The error remained, so I manually changed the salts. No joy. Not sure what else to try here.

There are "ignore" buttons for these 2 issues, but ignoring a security issue is never a good idea. A point in the right direction would be appreciated - thanks!