Unable to import Membership info into Membership2

I have installed Membership2. The instructions for importing say to go to Membership2 / Settings/ import tool. This does not exist at first. I had to do a quick setup of Membership before the settings option became available. Then I selected to import from Membership and viewed the data. It had 8 subscriptions and all of my members. Upon clicking import, there was a progress bar that showed the import was complete, but none of the Subscriptions were imported. In addition, none of the Paypal Gateway settings had been imported either. All of the users are set to “visitor” instead of the subscription that they had before. I restored my site and database and tried again. This time I selected to export the settings prior to importing. When the import did not work, I tried again using the export file. It still did not work. This is not on a production machine, it is on my personal computer that I use for development. I cannot enable support access. How can we troubleshoot this? Clearly I cannot put this plugin into production until I know it works.

By the way, I was not able to select Membership2 as an installed product when opening this request. The dropdown lists all of the WPMU plugins installed with the exception of Membership2.