Unable to install WP Smush Pro locally without FTP

I am having difficulty installing WP Smush Pro locally on my machine.

I have a paid subscription however I cannot see a way to install it on my local development environment.

I have copied the wpmudev-updates directory to /wp-content/plugins which has allowed me to go into the Plugins menu and activate the WPMU Dev dashboard. From here, I could login and that gave me access to the dashboard which has an "Install" button for WP Smush Pro.

The problem I have is that both the manual install and the one-click installation require a FTP details. This is not a suitable installation method for me as I am testing this out locally and, if successful, it will then move to a testing environment where FTP access in this way is not supported.

Is there a reason why the full WP Smush Pro plugin is not made available when a subscription is taken out? If I could have the plugin code I could add it to my codebase manually.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Peter,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm not sure why the plugin is asking you to provide it with your FTP details, it never asked me! Usually, such a behavior is a sign of broken or too strict file permissions which results in WordPress not being able to save downloaded file and unpack it to /plugins/ directory. Most likely this is the issue here if you're running under Linux or under Windows but with some "restrictive" local server.

    As for WP Smush PRO available after the subscription is taken out. The case here is that the plugin depends on our very own infrastructure so it's using our servers, thus in order to be able to provide plugin's users with all the computing power and storage needed for plugin to work properly, we simply do have to make WP Smush PRO available only to paying users. I hope you can understand this point of view :slight_smile:

    If you have any further questions, I'll be glad to assist you!


  • Peter

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I initially suspected permissions problems, however I have opened my entire /wp-content/plugins local directory, which includes wp-smushit and wpmudev-updates, up to be fully writable with 777 permissions.

    From what I can see there are two Install buttons, one on the Dashboard page (which I have attached a screenshot of what I see) and one on the Plugins page.

    When I click Install on the dashboard I get the WP page asking me for my FTP details, if I click Install on the Plugins page then I get a prompt (attached) that asks me to install manually. When I click this - nothing happens. No error in the console, no errors in the apache error log or alerts on the page. Clicking 'one-click-install' asks me to add FTP details to our wp-config.php which i've mentioned isn't an option for us.

    Can I just confirm with you that there is no option to install this plugin manually in the traditional way of copying the files to the /plugins directory and that we are forced to provide FTP credentials to you for all servers we wish to install this on?

    Many thanks.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Peter,

    I can see no reason why shouldn't you be able to install both those plugins directly with a "traditional" method. You can download WPMU DEV Dashboard from here:


    and a WP Smush PRO plugin from here:


    After downloading, simply upload the content of an unzipped archive to the /plugins/ folder and both plugins should become available for activation on the WP plugins list. Have you tried that already?


  • Peter

    Hi Adam,

    As I mentioned I have the WPMU Dev Dashboard installed as you can see from my screenshots. Also, I stated that I have the wpmudev-updates directory in wp-plugins like any WP plugin would be installed.

    Do you have any instructions to install the Pro version?

    I have the following response from Bojan on Wordpress.org which suggests that we need to install an API.

    Can you please confirm if there is any way to get the API/install the pro version without providing FTP details? We are at a bit of a loss right now to see how this will work in practice for us, so if you could help us with this installation issue then that would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @Peter,

    Asking for FTP details is something WP related and it should be affected by our plugins.

    If you are able to activate Dashboard and login with your account you should be able to download and install the plugins without any issues, I just tested this on my own local installation using MAMP and I didn't have any issues.

    When you get the plugins on your live site you will probably won't be asked for FTP login details as it seems this is something related to your local WP installation.

    Here are some solutions you could try:

    Best regards,

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