Unable to link users to marketpress front end

Hi, I have a problem that I need urgent help with.

I am working on a site that uses the marketpress plugin and the front end plugin as well. I have the site setup or trying to set up so that whenever someone comes to the main site and registers they are able to upload posts and edit their profile, etc. on the front end.

They are able to do all this through a dashboard page I created with tabs. One of the tabs takes them to the blog/site sign up page so that they can create a site on the network and be able to use marketpress to upload and sell documents. Then after they sign up, a new link is suppose to appear as a tab that will take them to the marketpress front end page. However I can not get the link to take them to such page.

The code Im using to show the new tab is - `<?php if(is_user_logged_in()) {
global $current_user;
$blogs = get_blogs_of_user( $current_user->id );
if($blogs) {
foreach ( $blogs as $blog ) {
echo '<li><a target="_blank" href="http://' . $blog->domain . $blog->path .'dashboard/upload-documents/">My Documents</a></li>';
echo '<li><a target="_blank" href="http://' . $blog->domain . $blog->path .'upload-document/?ptype=settings&tab=gateways">Settings</a></li>';

} ?>
<?php endif; ?>` The links show up but whenever clicking it they do not take the user to their front end store page, instead it returns a 404 error.

I do not want to give no one backend access, and I need them to be able to use marketpress on the front which they should be able to access when clicking the link.

How can I fix this so that the correct link shows up and takes them to the MP frontend upload page?

*I am using theme my login for the multisite registration and formidable pro for the main site registration which will have all users default role be 'Author'.