Unable to locate the settings for Domain Mapping in the Network Settings menu as Super Admin?


I've installed the Domain Mapping plugin on a multisite installation per the instructions listed but, when I access the Settings and Network Setting menu I'm not seeing the settings for domain mapping anywhere. I actually went through the install process twice thinking perhaps I missed something the first time. Even after the second install my Super Admin area doesn't show the options under Setting > Network Settings.

I've cleared my browsers cache and I'm not running any caching plugins or anything of that sort -- I'm not sure what I might have missed, any suggestions?

BTW, I've not yet upgraded to WP 3.3.


  • BarhamVA
    • New Recruit

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

    I'm logged in as the Network Admin and when I click on settings it doesn't show up by clicking on 'Settings' or 'Network Settings' ? There is nothing showing Domain Mapping Configuration.


  • BarhamVA
    • New Recruit

    As far as I could tell I had but, I just deleted it all and started from scratch to make sure. Sure enough, it worked... I'm thinking I might have mistakenly uploaded the domain-mapping folder previously instead of JUST the domain-mapping.php file to the MU folder, regardless, I think I'm set now.

    Thanks for your quick responses. User error obviously but, I still appreciate your help.

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