Unable to reach Admin Dashboard on Domain-mapped sites

Somewhat recently (but dating to earlier releases than the most recent release of the Domain Mapping tool), we’ve noticed that logging into the WP-Admin interface consistently results in a 404 result rather than the dashboard of the site in question. (This is true regardless of whether the site is domain-mapped or not.) What’s happening is that the domain-mapping plugin is inserting the domain name of the WP-network into the path of the URL, plus a few extra subsite names for good measure, so that (for example) https://sites.globalhealth.duke.edu/dukeonehealth/wp-admin/becomes https://sites.globalhealth.duke.edu/dukeonehealth/sites.globalhealth.duke.edu/dukeonehealth/dukeonehealth/wp-admin/ once you log in via Shibboleth or via a local-user login. I’m pretty confident that this unexpected behavior is being caused by the domain mapping plugin, as it seems to be hijacking how the “redirect” parameter is getting handled after login. Note that this doesn’t appear to be an issue if you try to log into the root network site, for either Shib or local users, only for subsites.

  • Huberson

    Hello oitdws
    Made some test using latest( version but couldn't replicate similar issue. The domain being duplicated there for the sub-site might be related to domain settings, htaccess or some conflict with other plugins.

    What I'd suggest is, first try to set both the "Administration mapping" and "Login mapping" options to "domain entered by the user " from Domain Mapping settings. This should follow the entered url instead of mapped one.

    You can also try to temporary deactivate Domain Mapping see what you get.

    If none of the above solve the issue you can enable support access to the multisite, and provide us some demo credentials to the sub-site in question.
    Please send the following using our contact form:

    Subject: "Attn: Huberson Dorvilus"
    - Main site admin username, password
    - Subsite admin username, password & login url

    - FTP credentials (host/username/password)

    - Link back to this thread for reference

    - Any other relevant urls


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