Unable to register new users.

WPMU Events+ plugin was crashing my page producing error 500. I was unable to administer it or operate it at all, and had to go in and manually remove all plugins.

Now I cannot register any users. Instead what happens is this when they try to register:

ERROR: You must drag the proper image to the circle as verification

the site in question is http://www.entropianetwork.com

I have changed themes multiple times to themes that are default, out of the box themes. The error remains.

Basically my site is destroyed and at this point I regret ever purchasing or installing any WPMU Products as they have been nothing but disappointing and have caused trouble.

This is absolutely due to a WPMU product coming unhinged, as the only products I had on the site were WPMU products. Now 5 sites full of content on this network will have to be completely destroyed because your products are junk.