Unable to select Premium Themes after upgrade to 3.4.1

We are in need of some urgent help. We just upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4.1 with Wordpress and now our Premium Theme selections are not working. We are getting the "Are you sure you want to do this?" message with a Please try again message.

We are not yet upgraded to Pro Sites yet, we are still using supporter due to the massive undertaking required to switch to Pro Sites. We are using supporter 2.2.8.

Has anyone encountered this and have a fix? With over 900 sites in our network (main reason it's hard to switch to Pro Sites right now) this is a huge problem and I'm completely stumped as to what to do.

Thanks so much in advance for your assistance.


  • xaviemirmon

    @skishopmatt I have a feeling that you might have to upgrade to Pro Sites because Wordpress updated it's themes section including the new "theme customizer" and I think they changed quite a bit of backend things. Another option is to dig into the premium themes code of pro sites to see if you can get it to work with supporter. You might be able to check with the developer to see if there is a way to upgrade supporter to pro sites.


  • Kimberly

    Hi there Matt!

    I am very sorry to say that we are no longer supporting the Supporter plugin. We have moved full on to ProSites.

    There have been an incredible amount of changes and necessary items included and left behind in the updates and upgrades since.

    I'll include the upgrade instructions from Supporter to ProSites here incase you decide to tackle it.

    To be honest, if it's a pain for you to do so now, I don't forsee it getting any better as your network grows. Perhaps setting everything up on a local or test install first so you are good to go when it's time to press the button?



    Important! Update from the Supporter Plugin

    Pro Sites is a major upgrade for the Supporter plugin. To upgrade to Pro Sites you must follow the following steps:

    1. Backup your Database (optional, but highly recommended!) At the very least make a quick dump of your supporter_* tables just in case.

    2. Delete Supporter Files You must delete all of the old Supporter files from wp-content/mu-plugins/

    3. Move PayPal or Amazon Backwards Compatibility IPN Handlers These must be moved to your web root from the /pro-sites/pro-sites-files/gateways/backwards-compatibility/ folder. If you fail to do this older Pro Sites won’t be be upgraded when their subscription payments come through from the old gateways.

    4. ConfigureOnce you have installed Pro Sites you will need to configure the plugin right away. Most of the settings from the Supporter plugin will not carry over.

  • skishopmatt

    HI Kimberly - I had a feeling that might be the case. We were planning on upgrading this summer anyway, so that'll be ok. I've got to do it eventually right?! :slight_smile:

    I do have a few questions about the upgrade process if that ok.

    1) My big question is what happens to my current supporters when I switch to Pro Sites? We run everything manually, we don't use any of the built in payment processing etc as many of our members need to write checks, etc. Also helps with out accounting, etc. In doing so though, we do not have any recurring charges running through supporter which I assume will make things at least slightly easier. BUT, now that we can create multiple levels of membership, what level (if any) will my current supporters be added to? These are very active sites, so any "downtime" for them spurs hundreds of emails for us. I'd love to know where they'll end up with Pro Sites so that we can adjust things as quickly as possible to get everyone back where they belong in the membership status.

    2) Is there a way to get a list of my current supporters so I can cross check after upgrade?

    3) Since we do not use the automatic payment gateways, do you know the "correct" way for us to modify the Pro Sites pages so that we can add our own content and links for upgrading? I have always modified the source files with supporter as it was all I could figure out at the time, but if there's a way to essentially force the payment grid to not show and allow me to add my own html that would be ideal so that I don't have to re-do it every time a new update comes out. Any suggestions would be VERY welcome :slight_smile:

    Thank you again for your time, it is so appreciated!


  • Aaron

    It sounds like your setup will be really easy upgrade. You'll want to use the new manual payments gateway, where you can put in all your own html/instructions, etc.

    All your current supporters will be given the default level one permissions. It's very easy to run a query if you wanted to add more levels and move everyone up to say level 2.

    Most important thing is a good db backup. It would be best though to create a mirrored test site maybe on your local computer and practice the upgrade there so you'll know exactly what steps you'll want to take.

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