Unable to set up Multi-Domains

I have been unable to route a domain to my multi-site. The host for the multisite is vacasolutions.com with a sub-site of vacasolutions.com/temp. I would like to map vacasolutions.com/temp to the domain of shopwebapp.com. The result right now for shopwebapp.com is the generic GoDaddy page. I am able however to access the root multi-site using the IP address.

Here's what I've done so far:
* Installed a new installation of WP 3.1 Multi-site on GoDaddy.com Linux grid host.
* Installed the Multi-Domain plug-in using WP .zip upload, putting domain-mapping.php into wp-content/plugins
* Added sunrise.php to wp-content and modified wp-config.
* Added dedicated IP server address to WP Settings
* Set up an 'A' record in the shopwebapp.com DNS pointing to the dedicated IP address of the vacasolutions.com host.
* Mapped the shopwebapp.com domain to vacasolutions.com/temp using the plugin
* WP Site /temp/ Edit/Info tab has Domain of vacasolutions.com with path /temp/

Have I missed anything?