Unable to update page content after installing WPMU DEV Dashboard

After installing dashboard I now get this message (screenshot attached) when I try to refresh a backend page even if I have not made any changes to content.
This behavior started directly after installation of dashboard, before installing other WPMU DEV plugins via dashboard.
I tried installing dashboard on another site (same Divi Theme) and had the same problem.
I have also tried:
flushing caches (browser, GoDaddy)
quitting browser (chrome)
testing in Firefox and Safari (similar error messages)
deactivating dashboard plugin
updating dashboard plugin and reactivating
deleting dashboard plugin

I am on a deadline and dead in the water so I will work on staging site after restoring from a backup and not lose much work, but would really like to be able to use my premium WPMU DEV suite on this and other sites. All my sites tend to be Divi theme so if there is a conflict I'll have to cancel my WPMU DEV account and go back to WordFence. noooooooooo!

I have granted support access and reactivated dashboard.




  • James Morris

    Hello Erik,

    I hope you are well today. Thank you for having Support Staff Login enabled so I could take a look at this.

    I've confirmed on your site as well as on my own test site. It seems the only time this behavior is present is if you refresh the page. When saving, publishing, or otherwise editing the content, this message did not present itself. Except when I refresh the page, I was not able to get this notice to display. So, I was unable to find any interference with functionality as most users won't refresh a edit page, but instead will click Publish or Update, which does not generate the message.

    However, I will report this to our Dev Team so they can take a deeper look into this issue and see if there is something in our code that can be changed to prevent this from happening.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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