Unbelievable...Talk about overselling something. I did not

Unbelievable...Talk about overselling something.

I did not pay good money to have your advertising, an irritating embedded nag to purchase more...

Then when someone comes in and asks to have it removed you employ that it is somewhat necessary in order to prevent plugin conflict. My question to that is why?

It would appear this is only a marketing gimic, period. Why would you build a plugin that requires this. A plugin should stand on it's own.

Then to add insult to injury you suggest using yet another plugin to remove the second plugin? So to install your e-newsletter plugin I need two others installed.

I am sure that others see this as I do.

I will be requesting a refund, will not use any of your plugins again, and will be sure to write an article out to all 5000 of our members to avoid using WPMU plugins on there blogs.

Unless of course they do not mind paying to be irritated.

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi @john,

    Asking you to purchase more? I think there might be a misunderstanding here. If you already have an account, the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin won't ask you to buy a membership.

    I've checked your account, and it's not linked with any sites. This means you probably created a new free account by mistake when you installed the WPMU DEV Dashboard

    Try resetting your API key. You can do this by going to the "Manage" page of the WPMU DEV Dashboard. Click "edit" and your API key will be reset. Then you can log in again with your account. Just be sure to choose already a member.

    The purpose of our dashboard plugin is to provide you with support and automatic updates within your dashboard.

    We don't usually grant refunds after plugin has been downloaded. But the forums isn't really the place to talk about this. You're welcome to contact our billing department here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/

    Best regards,

  • John
    • New Recruit

    In response to your email reply...

    "The purpose of our dashboard plugin is to provide you with support and automatic updates within your dashboard."

    Thank God all plugins do not think as you guys do, I would have forty different dashboards...

    All other plugins manage to get by without a nag screen or a dashboard for that matter. If I need support I do it the way everyone does, I go to the support forum. I do not need a dashboard to get me there.

    The fact that you guys insist it to be necessary really rubs me raw. Again I say... why? The dashboard nag is not necessary for the plugin to work properly, or you would not allow people to remove it. A very thin veiled marketing gimmick, period.

    I would guess you do not want this in the forum, but I think it is needed. Remove the nag crap from your plugin and rely on quality and support to sell your products.

    As far as a refund, this is entirely up to you guys. Again, this only reflects on your company and your product. To me it is just another lesson I had to pay for. I am more concerned that others do not purchase a product only to find they must spend valuable time and effort to uninstall crap they did not purchase...

    Very unhappy customer...

  • John
    • New Recruit

    And now I get notice of an update available, but requires dashboard installed again? As I said before, thank God other plugins do not play this game or I would have forty plugin dashboards to deal with. It appears the only true solution to this problem is deletion.

    You had several other plugins of interest, but I will pass. I cannot support any plugin that has the audacity to force you to deal with this, under the pretense that it is needed.

    I am obligated to pass this on to our members since blogging is what we are all about and Wordpress plugins are of importance to the community. I could not possibly recommend this plugin to anyone and I certainly would not want any of our members to go through this.

    Based on previous reply of ' needed for support and updates' it is not necessary to reply. Mark this thread closed...

  • Kingdom Studios
    • The Bug Hunter


    I truly wish you the best and hope you find what you are looking for. I will mark this as resolved for you.

    I do have a question for you though. Are you going to let your readers make their own decisions about whether or not the additional plugin is a good idea or are you going to try and influence them to your way of thinking?

    I just ask because I have found the additional plugin useful because of the amount of support that I have needed.

    Also, do you mind me asking which blog you write for? I would like to see if there is any valuable information in helping me become a better WordPress user/service provider.



  • Joshua
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I agree with John.

    The nag screen and alerts that appear when I remove it are incredible annoying. I now have errors appearing on my site simply because I don't want your dashboard.

    There is already a plugin admin screen in WP. Why do your plug-ins require a second dashboard? I don't see any benefit that couldn't be supplied by just using the standard WP Admin interface tooling.

    This is spammy and user/dev unfriendly.

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi guys,

    The core code of the dashboard is to handle the automatic updates. As for the interface, you can easily just turn that off entirely. This is covered here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wpmu-dev-dashboard/#usage

    The reason we have a dashboard is because we have 300+ products. Many would consider a single dashboard nice, as it's a centralized place to install and mange them. The Dashboard provides one click installations for plugins and themes, as well as managing updates.

    It's invaluable tool for supporting our products, as it powers automatic updates. This means you can get the latest update downloaded from our servers with an active membership.

    Best regards,

  • Joshua
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    WordPress has an established method for handling updates and installs. There is no need to replicate it so you can advertise and add nag screens. As we've both pointed out, this is against the core standards of WP and would create an untenable situation if everyone did as you.

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