Unbranded video, a suggestion

Last year I suggested to create an end user video series of tutorials and now, after poll results, has been realized, cool.
I have another feature to ask for next series (when will be): please take off the Wordpress logo.
With WP logo, these video are useless for web agencies that don't want (and they can) show that client are using WP.
It's easy to hide and make them really unbranded.
My 2 eurocents

  • Mason

    Hiya Holodigit,

    I hear ya on this one and that makes sense. The white-label videos we offer here are done through a partnership with a 3rd party so we don't have direct say over the content, but your feedback has been noted.

    How does everyone else feel about this? Is this troublesome to you? Chime in with responses. If we get a lot of members wanting un-labeled videos we'll definitely give this one a good think.


  • wlpdrpat

    I just added the Video Tutorials to my Multi-Domain site that I also use your plugin for re-branding. So, I must agree that videos with wordpress doesn't make sense - since they are supposed to be non-branded and I am sure that many of the clients here use the plugins you provide, which brings me to my next point. The video Tutorials doesn't work on Multi-Domain sites only on the root domain name - they also don't work on mapped domain names. About 3/4 of my sites fall either into the category of Multi-Domain or Mapped domain name - so although I really like the plugin - in it's current state it doesn't work well with the other plugins you provide.