Undefined index: chat_dashboard

I am getting the following message inside the "Show Chat Widget on Dashboard:" select box:
Notice: Undefined index: chat_dashboard in /home/stagedportal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-chat/lib/wpmudev_chat_form_sections.php on line 2809

I get nearly the same message for the disabled option but it is on line 2813 of that file.

To reproduce:
- Install plugin (from .zip)
- Click on the Polling link in the message header (Please review the polling interval settings before using) or go to Chat > Settings Common
- I reviewed some of the items but I don't believe I saved anything yet. I went onto the WPAdmin tab and noticed the message beside: "Show Chat Widget on Dashboard".

It appears in the default setting there is no chat_dashboard default set.

I just went in and pressed "Save Changes" and now the errors are gone.

Though the plugin may be good seeing an error before I have even started using it does not impress me. Could you please fix.