Understanding "Chained" cart transactions

I’m using authorize.net. Wondering if that will support a 10% commission on sites that I add to an etzy.com style network.

Is the “etzy” concept documented anywhere in more detail than the YouTube videos? I’d like to take a bit of a deep dive and see how easily I can create my own network. Wondering where to start. Perhaps a group on this site??

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    Greetings billalpert,

    Thank you for the great question but I have already covered this is a close to duplicate question in your last ticket to include the step by step procedure for chained payments.

    Chained payments can only currently be done by PayPal chained payments.

    Authorize.net will certainly not let you take a commission since it would be coming from your down lines Authorize.net accounts (even if it were your own it is irrelevant) and would be in breach of contract of the Visa/Mastercard master merchant agreement accepting funds on your merchant account for anyone else but the assigned business.

    It is further my opinion that it will also be breach of contract with Authorize.net as well. You should consult an Attorney for more information and I am sure you will find I am spot on with all counts though I am not an Attorney, I have studied these agreements in fine tooth detail some years ago.

    Probably why it was never incorporated.

    On a side note, each participating merchant would have to have their own Authorize.net account for them to participate in your store which is in my opinion going to severely limit participation considering the amount of over head just having an Authorize.net account costs.

    Chained payments is limited at this time to PayPal.

    I have already explained everything else in the following post directed to your questions there, please check it out for the remaining information:


    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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