understanding how to autopublish from my blogs to facebook...setting it up

I'm a little confused on the , hole Facebook thing,,, but i figured out this much, i have a Facebook.. that i use, and i have a word press multi site that has about 500 blog ... and i would like to add this ultimate Facebook to each of my blogs... all my blogs a different... that i pump information to from a couple of blogs.... for my clients.. now some of my clients that i have have purchased the Facebook page and i have built them but i would like to add the feature of the auto post to these blogs... from the clients blog... to Facebook.. and i need help understanding how to make this happen..

please help so confused

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there and welcome to the WPMUdev Support Community!

    Great question! Well, starting at a theoretical level, you will need to build an app which will use the FB API and be the instrument with which you will connect your Wordpress multisite installation to FB. Once you have the app done at http://developers.facebook.com, you can go back Wordpress and enter the settings into the Facebook plugin's network settings. There will then be a wizard to guide you thru the rest of the process. You can choose to configure the same for all sites on the network or you can enable on a site by site basis.

    Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. We're always here for questions! And, sometimes, we have answers, good ones too!


  • elpino

    Greetings johnsalem36, let me see if i can be of some guidance with this.

    i would like to set it up as a site by site situation... so that the blog that bought the added Facebook page only get the post added from his or her blog. And not my blog or Facebook....

    i hope i have the right plugin for this..
    any words of wisdom for a newbie

    First step is to install the ultimate plugin in each of this blogs you need to auto post to their corresponding facebook page, each blog have to have their own plugin install not network activated (this plugin doesn't support network activation if various domains map), after this, you gotta create an app for each of this blogs to match their corresponding page, and connect in the plugin those apps api to the blogs and configure the entire ultimate plugin with all the options on autopost, etc. that's it, you are good to go.

    here a little tutorial on facebook apps


    you can also check this link of a topic bellow


    On the last comment fellow user tfbc make a suggestion ( I have never tried it), but you gotta play with open graph, and set stuff up, another thing to consider is each post to the facebook walls will have the app link, on the logo example: mesage and via domain.com in the little logo posted from, so better off doing what i explain before, but if its of some help here his comment

    I know this is resolved, i just wanted to add a couple points

    the twitter app and mention a person does not have to create a different app for every domain they use comments plus on.

    when a person logs into dev.twitter.com then selects their created app, there is a tab which says: @Anywhere Domains

    this tab allows you to add additional domains/subdomains to access the app to the same twitter account.

    This also could be the case with ultimate facebook at where you may have multiple fb pages, you can add multiple domains as well to 1 app then use the opengraph to control what is shared/liked.

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