Understanding the Affiliate Plugin

Hi, I installed the Affiliates plugin to work with the Membership plugin. I want members to be able promote different subscriptions/classes. I read the instructions, but I’m not getting it at all. How does the member get a unique url so that they can promote the classes?

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @curiouslight

    I hope you are having a great day!

    The affiliate link for each user is found in the wp-admin under their profile (screenshot).

    If you don’t want users in the admin, you can mirror the output of the screen on any page on your site using this shortcode:


    See the bottom of the plugin usage page for all the

    shortcodes you can use on the front of your site:


    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • curiouslight
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    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    What screenshot?

    I don’t see any affiliate link when I view a users profile. Can you tell me the exact path of where that should be?

    I also tried putting the shortcode in page, and nothing displayed. I’m not sure if that’s because I am already logged in.



  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    Taking over for Patrick as he appears to be offline.

    Attached are three screenshots for your review.

    The first screenshot shows the 'Affiliate Referrals' sub-menu which is under the Profile menu within wp-admin. This is shown to all users and it unique to that user. Much like the Profile > Your Profile.

    The second screenshot show what the user will see when they view the Profile > Affiliate Referrals page. Note the yellow box at the top and the 'edit' link to the right. Clicking that edit will show the affiliate user details.

    The third image shows the expanded yellow box. Note I added a pointed to the unique affiliate URL which contains the unique affiliate reference.

    As for using the shortcodes you would use the first shortcode [affiliatelogincheck] simple to enforce non-WP users do not see the rest of the other shortcodes. You always want to add the login check shortcode to first before the others.

    Typically as Patrick mentioned you want to add [affiliateuserdetails] which is the same content as the yellow box in my attached screen image. So to be clear you need to add both like:



    You can use other shortcodes to show the pretty graph charts or the details table. But before the user can see the other shortcode output they need to agree to be an affiliate. So bcd to my screenshot of the yellow box details. There is a drop down 'Enable Affiliate links' which needs to be set the 'Yes please' by the affiliate.

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    I agree it isn’t clear. None of it made sense to me.

    If it helps, here’s what I created: https://www.publicaffairsjobs.com.au/affiliates/

    I created a new page and dumped all the shortcodes into it:

    Literally I put the text below in: (cut and paste it into a hew page and amend the text if you wish).

    What this results in is a page they can then log into as an affiliate. The page shows all their statistics and graphs (there is an issue with the dates going back to 2012 but they know about that – it’s just a waste of space in my view).

    I am not sure what else one is meant to do or how the affiliate finds their own link info…actually I think I just found it. On that created page – if they click on the edit button in the “”yellow” box (it is a yellow outline around a box on my screen) and appears the first thing under my text below on my page link provided)..then in that expanded box their URL to use on their site will appear.

    Good luck. My tester was able to sign up as an affiliate.



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