Uninstalling Disqus comment system completely from my site

Hi Team,

I wish to install your comment + plugin to my website & remove Disqus completely from my site. I am however a little worried over the common uninstall procedure?

I previously read a post on WPMU: https://goo.gl/dW2YoL

That states that meta data can be left in the database following the uninstall?

I would wish for a clean uninstall – no mess. My site has not yet gone live so I haven’t to much to worry about but I’d still wish for it to be completely removed before I add comments +

I don’t know how to go about hopping around in data bases etc, & to be honest I’d probably just mess things up!

Current situation is, Disqus is still installed. I wish to remove it without a trace left in my database. Please help.

Many thanks,


P.S Had to select wpmu dashboard as cat. because comments + was not listed.