Uninstalling several plugins from mu-plugin because they don't work right...disappointed

First- let me say that I appreciate all the help with several issues I have brought up that I have been able to fix.. some are my own user error or "newbieness" and others simple coding fixes I could make. But there seem to be several plugins that just don't seem to work they way they should, or they are causing issues with the look and function for the user, so I'm wanting to uninstall them.

Is it enough to simply remove the files/folder that were uploaded into the mu-plugins area or is there also something I should be doing to the database itself.

I guess I was hoping that adding plugins from this site would be more seamless with working correctly, hence getting a membership here, but it just doesn't seem to be the case. I've searched on here and so many others seem to be having the same issues with the same plugins. Many don't seem to have a fix or require editing of files that I just don't feel comfortable in doing.