Units and downloads in CoursePress require page refresh to display


The plugin does not load properly on first page load. I have 12 units added with videos and PDF downloads. On first page load the embedded video loads well with player controls but the PDF downloads are just line items, not links. On page refresh, the download links activate but the player controls are displayed as a black strip. Even then after they hover over the are where the video should be, otherwise it's just blank.

There seems to be a bug or something that I really need rectified asap. The user wouldn't know to refresh page and this seems counter intuitive.

There are also too many steps for users to register on the course. Can the user just buy the course and be given user credentials in the email they get sent? I'd like to make sure that as soon as they have purchased, they don't need to enrol themselves or I shouldn't have to add them manually as students. They need to have access immediately upon payment and just by logging in. Can this be achieved?