Units not all showing up on Course Description page


I am having an issue with not all of the course units & pages showing up at the bottom of the Course Description page. It will only display the first page of the unit on the list. I have disabled all plugins and reverted to the default theme. Still not showing up. I can not update coursepress to its more recent release because the update LOCKS all my units so they can not be accessed. Updating the plugin is NOT an option. My coursepress version: We have already tried to update to version: but doesn't fix the list issue and continues to LOCK the units.

I have tried recreated the course. It still only show the first page of the course. So essentially any new courses that are made only the first page of them is showing in a list. If I go into the course I can go through all the pages. I plan to make a lot more courses on this site and need this function restored. I have already enabled support access.