Unknown Column post_published_stamp in network_posts table

I managed to clear up one issue with Post Indexer where the Posts tables were old and contained an obsolete column. Now I am getting errors on Live Stream Widget when I use it in Ajax mode:

WordPress database error Unknown column 'p.post_published_stamp' in 'where clause' for query SELECT
					c.blog_id as blog_id,
					c.comment_post_id as post_id,
					c.comment_author_user_id as post_author_id,
					c.comment_author as post_author_name,
					c.comment_author_email as post_author_email,
					p.post_title as post_title,
					c.comment_content as comment_content,
					c.comment_post_permalink as post_permalink,
					c.comment_date_stamp as post_published_stamp,
					c.comment_id as comment_id
					FROM wp_site_comments c INNER JOIN wp_network_posts p ON c.comment_post_id=p.ID AND c.blog_id=p.BLOG_ID  WHERE 1  AND c.comment_approved = 1  AND p.post_published_stamp > 1431618631  ORDER BY c.comment_date_stamp DESC  LIMIT 25 made by do_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_live_stream_update_ajax'), call_user_func_array, live_stream_update_ajax_proc, live_stream_get_post_items

I've shut off ajax mode for now.