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Hi, I don't really know what I need or if you have it, or if my current plugin can be replaced, but I need some guidance if possible.


I'm building my website from purchased theme from Studio Envato – Eiddo. It came with option for Customers to log in and save their favorite real estate. However, it was more elaborate than I needed, I tried to fix it but it's just not working.


Client login by way of email/password, facebook and google account. I simply need them to be able to save the real estate they prefer from our site so they could stay in their "wishlist".


My current plugin is not working property, I don't know how integrated into the page it really is. Do you have something that could replace it, i.e. solve my problem?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Ani

    I hope you’re well today!

    I’m afraid we don’t have any plugin like this but I there are some 3rd-party plugin that could probably be used for this. However, you raised a valid point: how this entire feature is integrated with your current theme.

    The point is that while you most likely would be able to build such feature with 3rd-party plugins, it’s important to avoid conflicts. Are you able to disabled all the social login features and/or such “wishlist saving” options somewhere in theme options? Check it please as it would be best to disable them first.

    Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the theme that you’re using and I don’t have any access to it as it’s a 3rd-party premium theme so I’m not able to tell you how it’s integrated but if there is any way to disable these features, you should be able to find them by looking through the theme options.

    As for “re-creating” that with other plugins. There’s a nice “social login” plugin that you could use:


    There are also plugin that could possibly replace the “wishlist”/”favorites” feature but I’m not sure how exactly this should work for you. Could you tell me a bit more (e.g. an example “user case scenario”:wink: about how would you like that feature to work for your users?

    Best regards,


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