Unless I make the slide very tiny, the "close" tab

Unless I make the slide very tiny, the "close" tab is invisible. Even at 400X400 in my labtop the close tap is not visible.

Is there a way to make sure that it will be visible or to add a "close" code at the end? There are several slides that I want the visitor to be able to read or perhaps take action on, and it's best to leave the slide long and have them close it.


  • mariamar
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    The first one you see there works on my big screen too, but not in my laptop. The close tab does not show.

    The second one is not a slide in, but a contact form from another plugin.
    I've tried the code and it closes the box, but sends me to the administrative board. Can I place a code that just closes the box?

    Any ideas on how to address this problem?

    Some of my slide ins need more information, and they are larger. But even the small one you show here is not showing in laptop screens, so I have to offer an alternative.


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