Unlimited Sites, but at what level?

I asked earlier about the fact that when using ProSites, any new member you signup can create unlimited sites. I get that. But I’m noticing that when a second or third site is created by a member, it is not created at the same ‘level’ – it seems to create secondary sites at the lowest level (free site level).

Is this how the Prosite plugin is intended and is there a way to allow a member to have an equal Prosite level on the additional sites they create?

  • DavidM
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    Hiya Dan,

    I hope all’s going well with your WordPress developments!

    You’re correct, new sites created will start at the ‘free’ level. Really, Pro Sites doesn’t concern itself with whether the user purchasing a site has another Pro site. It’s just concerned about the status of the sites themselves.

    It technically is possible to make it so that when a user who has a Pro site creates another site, it’ll automatically be a Pro site. It’s just that it’s quite complicated.

    Consider, if the user has paid for multiple sites with different levels, which level should be used when creating a new site?

    Also, if he ceases paying his subscription, will that disable all his sites?

    Ultimately it can be custom developed, it’s just that there are a lot of things to consider with that. It’s not quite as simple as it might at first seem.

    Does that help?



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