Unlock automatic SEO Analysis without Focus Keyword (especially for non-english writers)

I like your SEO analysis function in SmarCrawl Pro plugin. But why it is so necessary to write focus keyword?

Is there a way to run seo analysis automatically without writing focus keyword?

There are parts for which is focus keyword not necessary - like "Title is shorter than 50 characters" or "Description is good length" or "Content is greater than 300 words" or "11 links discovered"...

Please understand that lots of users don't write their websites in English and SEO Analysis focus keyword feature doesn't work well with non-english texts so they don't use focus keyword. But that parts like "Description is good length" work great with all languages. So please unlock it to non-english writers. Give us a option in settings where we set that our website is non-english which will unlock automatic SEO analysis without focus keyword.

And maybe lots of English writers don't want to write focus keyword to every post (which may be unproductive) but they want to get parts of SEO analysis like "Description is good length" etc.

Thanks a lot!