unlogical: tax-inclusive pricing & tax exclusive shipping

thanx for fixing:
- Fix tax inclusive display in cart widget in version 2.3
You guys rock!

nonetheless a minor flaw exists...
my tax settings are:
Enter Prices Inclusive of Tax? Yes
Apply Tax To Shipping Fees? Yes

now, on my first checkout page (http://MyDomain/store/shopping-cart/
I do still get a confusing picture:
Product-Price is showing tax-inclusive
Shipping-Cost is showing tax-exclusive
(see screenshots)

Would be perfect (in version 2.3.1 or 2.4 hehehe), if with this setting then also shipping-cost would be shown tax-inclusive.

Even clearer would it be, if instead of "Taxes" the name would then be altered to "_% VAT included"
and even more perfect than perfect,
if the "tax line" then would move down one line behind "Total"