Unscubsribing and upgrading subscriptions in membership issues

So I have three levels of subscription.

1) Free

2) Level 1 Paid

3) Level 2 Paid

I made a user name for each member to test the upgrading and canceling ability for the plugin.

I decided to test the Level 1 Paid user first. When the Level 2 Paid user is in the subscription page there is a list of subscription; first one being the one the user is currently enrolled in, and the other two. If the user wants to unsubscribe, and clicks the button, the user is taken to paypal where there is an error message that says “The unsubscribe button you clicked is invalid. You can find the status of all subscriptions in.” What does this error message mean?

What I want is the user to be able to unsubscribe right away when he clicks the unsubscribe button. If this is not possible what are my alternatives to have the user be able to unsubscribe as painlessly as possible.

Second test, i decided to test out the Level 2 Paid user. If the user decided to downgrade to the Level 1 subscription, it worked easily, but in the Subscription page, the Level 2 Membership still has the unsubscribe page and the message still says “membership is set to automatically renew.” It should say that this membership will expire at a future date.

How do I fix this?