unserializing a WPMUDEV array

I want to see which WPMU DEV plugins and themes need updating across a number of sites without having to login so I wrote a little program to decode the wdp_un_last_response entry in *_options. The next stage is of course getting the individual sites to do the check every night.

This works with the normal plugins and themes (using the appropriate entries) but for WPMUDEV modules, unserialize() always returns an offset error when given the serialised string to decode.

The message is either an undefined offset (Undefined offset: 0 in ...) or that there is an error at a high offset (eg unserialize(): Error at offset 6202 of 7803 bytes in ...), which indicates it is in a part of the text. Is it possible that the row needs some pre-decoding. Could it be some funny character set? There is for example a funny character after "review your available updates today " both in mysql in an xterm and in phpmyadmin that on my system is shown as a black question mark "?" or a double right ">>" respectively. This appears to be 0xbb when hexdumped...

From the coding in wpmudev-updates/update-notifications.php, there is nothing particular about it but this error occurs on all sites. WPMU DEV updating online works fine. :slight_frown: