Unspam user makes blog disappear from useradmin bar using buddypress and bp-social theme

I'm not sure this is relating to multidb, or buddypress or bp-social theme. I'm quite confusing really about this major bug. So what is it? Whenever I unspam a user, his blog is disappeared from buddypress user-admin bar, and the only option left inside bp-social theme's user admin bar is create new blog. Obviously, when I unspam a user, his blog gets unspam too since I check his/her blog and see that it's unspamed. The funny thing is that I'm logging in as that particular user going through mydomain.tld/wp-admin, and the blog is still there. It's just buddypress or bp-social or quirks inside multidb that has this bug appears so visibly. Please advice?

I know, I'm sort of lazy since I did not try another theme besides bp-social, but my website is in production, I can't just put on another broken theme, plus setting up a stage phrase is going to tie me on end on time. I just want to know anyone else has experienced the same thing and know a quick fix to this bug?