Unsubscribe, Manage Subscriptions, Widget, and {VIEW_LINK} Don't Work

1. The unsubscribe link comes up as: {UNSUBSCRIBE_URL} in my emails, no matter which template I use. I could not find a setting for this, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

2. On the “My Subscriptions” page of the Plugin, all I see is a “Subscribe on Newsletters” button and it doesn’t do anything. Is that correct, or should it be doing something else?

3. The Widget doesn’t show up. I have tried multiple themes including WordPress’ own Twenty Ten, Eleven, and Twelve; I have activated and deactivated it, etc. but it doesn’t show up. Not sure if this is related to #2 above.

4. Adding {DATE} works fine, but {VIEW_LINK} just shows up as “{VIEW_LINK}”.