Unsure of how CoursePress Pro Units work


I want to use coursepress to run my training business. I have been using it for a few days, but I am confused as to how to set up the units so that the course structure looks correct.

I have attached a screenshot from a course I have set up. Half way down the list, there is a unit called 'Video Protection Parts 1 & 2'. You will see that it is 12:16 long. Underneath the first video (video 5) is list, which also shows the same length of time. In fact, this should be about 5 minutes and it should show video 6, which is the remainder of the unit time.

I have tried every way I can think to set this up correctly. How do I get the course structure to list all the elements, with the correct time. At present every unit has the same time as it's components and only shows one component in the structure.

I hope this is clear. I have hundreds of courses to set-up, but don't want to continue until I can do this correctly, so a swift reply would be useful.

Thank you,