Unsure of right location for wpmudev-updates and mu plugins

I previously got to a point of hitting a brick wall with error messages on trying to activate Marketpress my site, so I started over / completely dropped all the wordpress and wpmu files out of my root directory and began again, trying very hard to follow all instructions to the absolute letter.
I've hit one point where I need some help - I'm about to upload the wpmudev-updates and I'm not seeing the same thing in my directory (via Filezilla) as I am in the instructions. I have attached a file showing instructions versus what's in my directory. I'm not sure where to put wpmudev-updates and now I'm wondering if I have put mu-plugins in the right place. Can you advise?

I'll add here because I'm not sure my illustration got attached. What I'm seeing in wpmu instructions is:
remote site: /public_html/wp-content/plugins
- wp-content
---- blogs.dir
---- mu-plugins
---- plugins -- Akismet is in here

what I'm seeing in my directory via Filezilla is
remote site: /public_html/wp-content
- public.html
---- wp-content
-------- mu-plugins
- wp-admin
- wp-content
---- plugins
---- themes
- wp-includes

I'm a bit confused by the presence of two wp-content folders. Thanks