until the option is added, how can i specify pages to NOT include floating social

hoping the feature is added to manually decide to not include floating social on certain pages, until that time how could do this with twnety eleven child theme?

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi mrmikeman,

    Excluding pages is a bit tougher and definitely will require some coding skills. What you’d need to do is alter the function inject_box_markup () in /sharebox/lib/class_wdsb_public_pages.php, possibly including a check before all the other checks that will exit the function if the user is on an excluded page.

    The reason it’s tougher is because there’s different checks depending on where on the site you’re trying to exclude (pages, posts, custom post types, the index, etc).

    That file I mentioned (on line 72 in the current version 1.2.2) will help you get started, but the specifics really depend on what exactly you’re trying to achieve.



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