Unwanted 302 redirect

I'm using multisite. My main domain and site is cthousegop.com.

I have 72 other sites in this installation.

I have 72 web domains, and in GoDaddy each is forwarded to a page within one of those sites.

For example:

repjaycase.com is forwarded to cthousegop.com/case/main

The problem I'm having is this: too often, we browsers are hanging when I type in the domain (repjaycase.com, for example) and the site either loads very slowly or it doesn't load at all.

I've done a bunch of speed tests and things are fine there, though I'm sometimes told to minimize redirects.

I've used some of the redirect-check tools on the web, and I've discovered that I have both 302 and 301 (permanent) redirects. And, it seems to me that could be causing my problem I described above.

How do I get rid of the 302 (temporary) redirect? My host (GoDaddy) couldn't find it anywhere, and I've looked in a couple of files and haven't been able to find it.


Thanks, Bryan.