Unwanted Background on site menus

Hi there,

I asked recently how to change the font colour to white on the main and global menus, which we were able to do. However for some reason a background has been added and I can't seem to get rid of it.

I actually don't mind the black background on the main (homepage) menu, it looks good so I don't need to change that. However, our sub-pages are white background and I just want to create a new Global sub-menu (to service all subpages) with black text and NO background. For some reason when I choose the 'menu' button and drag one over to create the sub-menu, it is still giving a black background every time.

I have tried to go into custom css styles to edit it and remove the fff background, but it hasn't worked - I'm not sure if I have it correctly there. Can you either go in and have a look or tell me what the code should look like without the background?

Also - I don't know if there is much point in creating a sub-menu on a sub page that won't be able to go to the listed sections of the menu, and only the homepage by a URL, since I can't anchor them to all of their appropriate sections?

I just thought that a modern webpage should have ultimate accessibility to a user, especially the ones in our market who would need the website to have an ease of use aspect, so they can travel to any part of the site from wherever they are - not have to go back to the top Homepage/title page every time and then to have to scroll down to a section time and time again, its cumbersome and off putting I would say for someone new to the site?

Many thanks,