update broke Edit/Update link in Post editor

I've narrowed this down to the theme as the issue (I deactivated ALL plugins and was still seeing the issues).

When I go to edit a page, in the post/page editor, I highlight some text and click on the link icon (in Visual editor mode). box pops up to enter the link info (but the 'http' that is usually in the link box does not show. When I hit update button, it closes the box and goes to the Post list in the wordpress backend.

First, I'm editing a PAGE, not a Post, how did I end up back at the Posts lists when editing/adding a link on a page?

Also, do you notice the little double x's at the top of the popup box, that's not right either.

Please let me know if there's a fix. I've run the update, and it did fix the username and search display issues, but it's apparently created some others.

Running latest version of everything.