Update Communities and Add Project Capability

Team WPMU,

Communities is one of those plugins that could be awesome but isn't. Everything in it are great ideas and could really be something special -- but it needs to go that last 25% to make it worthwhile.

Here's what I suggest:

1. Admin CSS Overhaul -- the entire thing needs work. It's not responsive, the sections don't line up in the Admin area properly, etc. Basically, it needs the "Hummingbird/Defender Style Overhaul".

2. Ability to invite members to a community. This is a huge failing in this plugin -- you need to be able to invite people. Also, a way to automatically add members of a certain type/level would be fantastic.

3. Business Features. Task lists, projects, etc. This would be HUGE for a corporate intranet inside of their own site. I know, for a fact, my business is struggling with this and Sharepoint is not easy to work with. To bring our business management under a single "roof" inside of our business' website would be awesome. I've looked at many other WP Project Management plugins and few are useful (WeDocs being the best I've seen, so far, but fails to integrate communication in many basic ways, plus constant upsell :slight_frown: ). We're talking task lists, project management, wiki, documents, calendar, messaging.

4. "Friends" -- possibility for friending other members. It is "Community" after all. Bonus points if it could carry over BP Friendships (but purely optional -- not everyone on the front end wants to be friends on the back end).

5. An actual index of the Communities available and a method to search them. Currently, finding a community is all but impossible.

6. Document management. There are a lot of attachment hooks and options in WP/BP now -- Communities should take advantage of this. Give users the ability to upload files to their individual communities. Envision report storage, draft doc circulation, post collaboration, etc.

- Rich text editing in Message Board -- if we can do it for the Support Plugin's FAQs, we can do it here. Make it modern and cool -- you know you want to.

- In multisite, have a slick portal in each member's own dashboard, with their communities, projects, tasks, calendar, docs, friends, etc all in one nicely packaged place.

The Communities Plugin is rife with potential -- much like many of the WPMU plugins. But, it needs to go that last bit to make it functional and WPMU needs to stay with these plugins and do more than just a stability release.

I would love to integrate these features into some projects I'm working on. I'm sure many others would, too. There is tons of value here -- just polish it off and let it shine.