Update Everything – only for one site

The Hub has a button at the top for plugins, to Update Everything. It’s obvious that this means “for all sites” – it’s a high-level button. There’s also a Update Everything button for each site that’s opened. But that button also offers to update “all sites”. We need to disable all of the sites that we don’t want to update.

That’s non-intuitive. I expect that behaviour when we’re clicking the high-level button. But when we have a single site open and say Update Everything, there’s no doubt (in my mind) that we just want to “update all plugins for this one site”.

  • David
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    This is absolutely right, I’ve been saying so for ages, ‘update all’ should be update all plugins on one site, only an idiot would do all his sites at the same time!

    Also the ability to group sites for updates would be nice!

  • Damo
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hub 2.0?!

    I’ve just about given up trying to get updates to The Hub implemented. I can’t event find the previous suggestions / requests that I’ve submitted ( and others too ) that are looking for real-world case features.

    Does anyone working at WPMUDEV actually pay for a subscription to the service? The cost is a premium and is supposed to enable us to simplify our business processes and generate income (i.e. your service is a cost-of-sale, not a true expense) but The Hub is cumbersome when you have more than a handful of sites.

    *The Notify me by Email feature has never worked properly either. And yes, it’s not junked/spammed, it never arrives!

  • David
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Damo, I dont give monkeys about membership points TBH, its not why I’m here.

    I do care that my clients’ sites are monitored, automatically updated, backed up and that I can get great chat support when I need it, I charge my clients maintenance and as part of that they get ME and the services WPMU supply to me. The plugins are updated regularly, any bugs found generally remedied quickly and Emails arrive in my inbox, so generally as I say I love WPMU Dev.

    You have a nice day!

  • Tim
    • New Recruit

    Not entirely clear if this is relevant to this thread, but…

    I would like the option to update a PARTICULAR PLUGIN across all sites without affecting other plugins. Why does this matter? For example, if I want ALL WPMU Dev plugins I use updated, that would save me the trouble of having to scroll through 30+ sites and doing them individually.

    If this capability currently exists, can someone ‘splain it to me? If it doesn’t exist, this would be my #1 priority for next round development.

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