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Hello All,

Just began encountering an Network Update issue on WP 3.3.2 multisite installation with about 45 sites on it. Has multi domains active and domain mapping active. Have not ever had this issue in last two years, but recently the Update Network process has started failing after the same blog every time and will not complete.

25+ other blogs update fine and then......
Warning! Problem updating . Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: A valid URL was not provided.

Any advice about where I should look for the missing or invalid url that is referred to in the error message?

Phil D

  • Shawn

    Hi, Phil!

    It could be a number of different things, but in my experience, these specific errors are usually related to a domain mapping implementation for a domain that no longer exists or an invalid URL (such as someone put in an email address or only one word instead).

    Have you looked in the site error logs? There might be some indication there as to what line of what script is causing it.

    The next step would be to open the database with phpMyAdmin and look at wp_domain_mapping and wp_blogs. These should both help you identify the URL that's causing the error you see.

  • Tevya

    I'm having a similar problem. There's no errors in the error log. And now when I go to Updates>Upgrade Network it doesn't say that it needs to be run. But after updating from 3.8.2 to 3.8.3 today, it had the same error that Phil had. I also re-ran it right after, and got it again. I checked the 2 tables that Shawn recommended, and everything looks good there....

    Am I okay then? Did it perhaps complete, but somehow didn't know it, or something? Is there some way to check to see if the tables for all sites were updated for 3.8.3?

  • Shawn

    The upgrade network stuff keeps track within the database of what's been done for each site, so if it's raising errors it's never because it's already been done, but rather that something else is causing problems. Most likely this is due to a plugin or something else that injects itself into the upgrade network functionality.

    If you can't tell which site is causing problems by looking at the list of sites within the upgrade network series (after clicking on the upgrade network button) then you should at least be able to narrow it down to a short-list of only five. Check DNS, visit the sites directly and check the options table for each site for the option_name='db_version' to see if they're out of sync.

    The only other issue I've had that triggered the same error was when one of the sites was no longer hosted on the multisite install, so it wasn't being triggered properly within the update routine.

  • Tevya

    I get that the error is there because something still needs to be done. I'm trying to figure out what still needs to be done...? Usually if the upgrade network process hasn't completed properly, it has that additional message encouraging you to run it. Mine doesn't. It looks like it does when it's successfully completed. However, both times I ran it, it had an error after completing a bunch of sites. I'm wondering if there's a way to find out which sites still need this process ran on, so I can try and figure out why it's not working for them, when it worked for so many of the rest.

  • Tevya

    Okay, I was able to fix this on my Multisite. So hopefully people who search and find this thread can find the answer that @Shawn provided and worked for @SooBahkDo will work, or something along the lines of what I found, will do it.

    1st I noticed that the upgrade network process uses a URL with a number on the end. Mine was getting this error about 17. So I just increased it to 18, then 19, then 20. Each of those gave the same error. Finally on 21 it took off and completed the update network process, going through the remaining sites without problem.

    2nd, as it was doing this, I looked at the URL's of the sites and noticed they coincided with the reverse order of sites by site ID. I was looking at the wp_blogs table, which I had sorted by the blog_id column. So it was easy to see that upgrade network was working through them backward... counting down to 1.

    3rd, based on that information, and the fact that the error always occurred after a certain site, I was able to figure out which particular site was the problem. I went and checked and I'd previously deleted all the tables for that site, but it hadn't been deleted from the admin, therefore was still showing up in tables like wp_blogs. So the upgrade network functionality was trying to update it's tables, but threw an error when it got to that site's tables, because they didn't exist. I deleted that site from the Admin, and now the upgrade process runs without incident.

    A final point: I checked the wp_blog_versions table and noticed a bunch that weren't on the same, latest version. I started working through checking them against the wp_blogs table, and found that all that weren't current, didn't exist anymore. I'm baffled as to why WP doesn't remove those when a site is deleted, but it doesn't for some reason. So I manually deleted them, though I'm sure that's not necessary.

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