Update package not available


When I tried to upgrade automatically I got the following error message:

An error occurred while updating Batch Create: Update package not available..

  • Hein


    I have this same issue:
    An error occurred while updating xxxxx: Update package not available

    This goes for all the WPMU plugin, not any of the others and only since a short while.
    I used to be able to get these auto updates done without a glitch.
    I have tried uninstalling a few of them and installing them again and yes, that isn't a problem. If it will update again once needed, who knows.

    But I still need to update some more that I don't want to de-install first as I'll loose the data then.
    Please advice how to auto or manually update, but with first deleting them as I don't want to loose the data.

    Thanks and kind regards

  • Mason

    Hiya @Hein,

    You should be able to delete any of the plugins in the wp-content/plugins/ directory via ftp without fear of losing any data. Then manually add the newly downloaded files.

    Try resaving your API Key. The process is the same for all members and we'd have a huge amount of reports if our service went down.

    Note that you also might have difficulty updating if, says, one of our servers was down. We did have a little trouble with that on Monday. Are you still experiencing issues today?

    Let us know. Thanks.

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