Update Plugin Description and Usage please

I decided to try out this plugin on my site and as soon I activated it I now get an error telling me:

The Dashboard Widget Order plugin is only compatible with WordPress Multisite.

That would have been really nice to know BEFORE I tried to activate it especially since now there doesn’t seem to be any way to DEACTIVATE it!

I can’t go to ANY page without getting that error and now I have a dead site since I can’t deactivate it.

I now see there’s a “compatibility” listing on the description page, but for someone who’s new to WPMU, it’s not an obvious location for something that important, especially for something that could potentially “brick” your site.

Maybe mentioning directly in the description that this is only for Multisite and any other usage will kill your site would be helpful.

Any tips on how to turn it off and restore my site?