Update plugins for other than site admin

Hi there,

I have build a website for my client, I'm the site admin and I've created a custom user role for him.

I want him to be able to update all plugins when needed. He get's an error when trying to update the WPMU plugins. Other plugins are fine.

Is there some custom user capability I have to grant his user role to enable him to also update WPMU plugins?

Please let me know what to do.

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Timothy also replied on this matter, but after my reply didn't hear anything from him.. This is what he replied:

Hey there,

What error is he getting?

It could well be something to do with that custom role and what capabilities it has.

If you could please let me know the error, which plugin you use to create the role, and perhaps a screenshot of the capabilities selected for it.

You could also enable support access, we could take a quick peek then:


Look forward to helping you get this one resolved.

Take care.

This is my reply:


Hi Timothy,

I've just granted you access btw.

The plugin we use for the roles is "Members" by Justin Tadlock.

The client's role is called "webmaster". I've checked again and he's not getting an error. He just doesn't have the option to select the plugins to update them.

The WPMU plugins involved are:

Appointments+ & WPMU DEV Dashboard.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Kind regards,


I would realy apriciate it if someone could take a look into this. Thanks a lot!

Kindest regards,

  • wijngaardeWD
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    Little update define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER', '3,4'); helps to let the other user be able to update as well.

    Big downside is that they can see WPMUDEV Dashboard as well. But I'm not comfortable letting my client managing my WPMU DEV Membership settings...

    So is there another tweak in for example wp-config to help me.

    I also created a little plugin to hide certain menu items. But my knowledge doesn't go further than hiding a link in the menu like "plugin-menu.php". The WPMU DEV menu is buid like this: "admin.php?page=wpmudev". So this won't work:


    Thanks for helping!

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