update the youtube video embed method for upfront

Upfront has a really great way of embedding the video links, but the final output does the standard youtube embed….which loads a TON of stuff that is not necessary.

Please review this example asap of just loading the thumnail and then when the user clicks on the thumbnail it dynamically loads and plays the video.



<div id="ytvideo1" style="display:none;">
<iframe width="939" height="528" id="ytvideo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<img class="preload aligncenter size-full" id="homevideo" alt="placeholder" src="https://img.youtube.com/vi/DBNYwxDZ_pA/sddefault.jpg" width="940" height="548" data-vid='DBNYwxDZ_pA'/>
<button class="preload" style="text-align: center; top: -200px; left: 100px; right: 0px; width: 300px; background-color: red; height: 30px; color: white; position: relative;" data-vid='DBNYwxDZ_pA'>Play</button>



Developer could easily integrate this code and then all sites with youtube embeds would load much faster to delight of viewers and google page rank.

This is some very low hanging fruit for the developer to implement!