Update to ProSites

I’m wondering if we can get enough requests for some updates to ProSites that WPMU DEV will consider making them.

I love ProSites, it allows us to run one of our businesses without the huge cost of developing a system.

After using other WPMUDEV plugins such as Members pro 2 I start to realise that ProSites has been neglected. I think there are so many areas in which ProSites can be updated and the admin improved and I just wanted to see how many people felt the same and to see what features people want.

Here are my requests:

Improved reports

MembersPro 2 invoicing

Dedicated network admin area for ProSite sites where you can see instantly renewal dates, payments, green icon for paying, orange icon for trials and red for expired or cancelled plans.

Shortcodes for registration and pricing tables

More payment gateways/all the gateways from MembersPro 2

Addons for ProSites such as Gravity Forms registration integration