Update Troubles - Trying to Get Site to Work

PLEASE HELP! I'm at my wits end trying to set up my site (http://artistsmall.com/) now for 3 years! I just want my site to work!

I recently paid for a full year of updates with the idea that I would finally be able to get my site running. However I continue to run into difficulty with the different plug-ins and settings.

Some of the download and upload updates give error messages - such as easy blogging (I gave up and took it out) and some are too complicated (over my head) - such as AntiSplog.

This is what I want:
- to be able to offer blogs/shops to individual artists.
- shops to look like Etsy and show up in the site search results.
- charge a $10 a month subscription fee.
- top area to be white around the logo - not blue
- people to be able to sign in via Facebook
- share things on the site with social media
- have SEO functions set up so that it's site wide

Any help and guidance you can give would be extremely appreciated.

Leigh Ann