Updated Directory Plugin And All My Listings Are Gone

if you go to http://www.rehabfinder.info I use to to have listings rehab by price, rehabs be state, and rehabs by kind, now the page says there's an error. However all my listeing information is still there. Does anyone know how I can redirect it so that if will show the correct listings again?

  • beau_griffis
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    It's not that all my listing are gone, but when you use you click on rehab directory before the update. It would give you three options according to the categories that I had created. Search By Price, Search By State, Search By Treatment Type. Now those are all gone, and I don't know how to get them back. Does anyone know how I can get my category page back first, so it will make my users able to search for a listing easier than just viewing the 1000 or so listing in alphabetical order. This has to do this the directory listing and it's newest update. The menu item and like where I want these categories to appear is http://www.rehabfinder.info, which will display the diferent categories, which will then help narrow down there search. If you can help me do this, I'd greatly appreciate it, or if you know or another search plugin that will work well with the theme

    Current Theme
    Directory Theme

    By Tammie Lister, Ivan Shaovchev (Incsub)
    Version 1.1.1

    That will make it even easier for my members to search for a listing within a huge database, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you
    Appreciative Monthly Paying Customer

  • beau_griffis
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    One more thing, I can't seem to get that worrd off my banner on http://www.rehabfinder.info in the top right that says Rehab Directory that's on the banner and not the menu. Does anyone know how to remove that. I fixed everything else by learning how to use the shortcode, which is good, cause I learned something, but I still cant seem to get that word Rehab Directory off my banner. If someone could help me there, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks Guys
    Beau Griffis

  • beau_griffis
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Sorry I am an idiot I didn't realize I forgot to delete the old directory menu. The only thing that i'm really looking for now is a plugin that will help me categorize my directory better at http://www.rehabfinder.info/rehab-directory and a way to edit my title and description manually, since my SEO plugins mess it all up and I can't get a single showing from bing or yahoo even with my webmaster account. If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it. Happy thanksgiving guys =)

    All I really want to do is make it easier for my viewers to find what they need and some better SEO. I cant figure out how to edit my title my h1 tag for bing so they can start the scan or my description although I know it needs to be under about 150 characters. If anyone could help recommend some plugins that work with the theme I recommended above, I'd be very greatful

    Thanks Guys

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hiya @beau_griffis

    Well, I'm glad you figured stuff out... and kept us informed of your progress (always handy).

    To help your users find what they need, the best thing I can recommend is the Taxonomy Picker plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/taxonomy-picker/

    You can build drill-down queries for your users so they could search by State, Treatment Type and price range all together. For example, show all Medical Detox centers in Georgia with a Price range of $$$. Really helps narrow down the search results when you've got hundreds or thousands of entries.

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