Updated: Multiple Databases (0.9.9-beta)

As promised for today a new version of the multi-db package is available (in beta form).

This new version is much different from the previous version. It’s basically a hybrid of the old version and HyperDB.

This new version contains:

1) Support for replication

2) Support for multiple DCs

3) Support for multiple VIP databases

4) Less complicated configuration (hopefully)

5) Better performance (at least from my testing)

Obviously a lot has been changed so if you have a free minute and the resources please give it a whirl and let me know about any problems.

I have intentionally left out the instructions to hopefully limit this beta only to the experienced users. For this release in place of instructions there is a sample config file. Simply modify it to your needs, rename it to db-config.php and drop it in wp-content.