Updated MultiSite URL now Can't access network admin page


Here is what we did:

- added an addon-on domain in cPanel "criminallawyervernonbc.com" which points to the existing wordpress install of criminallawyervernonbc.reputationcruisecontrol.com
- updated the multisite install URL following these instructions https://wpengine.com/support/how-to-change-a-multi-site-primary-domain/
- now we cannot access network admin due to a redirect loop which ends in URL http://criminallawyervernonbc.com/wp-signup.php?new=criminallawyervernonbc.com
- sub site http://lawyervernonbc.reputationcruisecontrol.com/ is still working fine
-**- we had previously added the desired primary domain to the still working sub site via domain mapping plugin, but deleted it before making the changes in the DB and wp-config.php
- we have now disabled the domain mapping plugin via FTP and still getting the error

Not sure at this point where we went wrong :slight_frown: